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Minerals - Alphabetical

Minerals - Alphabetical Listing


This list contains 4053 mineral names. It is probably not the most comprehensive list available and no guarantees are made as to its accuracy. The use of these minerals as biomaterials is generally untested.

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Petarasite Petedunnite Peterbaylissite
Petersenite Petersite-(Y) Petitjeanite
Petrovicite Petrovskaite Petrukite
Petscheckite Petterdite Pezzottaite
Ph¨astine Phacolite Phakolit
Pharaonite Phaunouxite Phengite
Philadelphite Philipsbornite Philipsburgite
Philipstadite Phillipsite-Ca Phillipsite-K
Phillipsite-Na Philolithite Phlogopite
Phoenicochroite Pholidolite Phosinaite
Phosphochromite Phosphoellenbergerite Phosphoferrite
Phosphofibrite Phosphogartrellite Phosphosiderite
Phosphothorogummite Phosphovanadylite Phuralumite
Phurcalite Phyllotungstite Pianlinite
Picotpaulite Picranalcime Picroamosite
Picromerite Picrophengite Picrophyll
Picrothomsonite Piedmontite Piemontite
Pierrotite Pigeonite Pigeonite-augite
Pilinite Pilite Pillaite
Pilsenite Pinalite Pinchite
Pingguite Pinite Piretite
Pirquitasite Pitiglianoite Pitk¨arantite
Piypite Planch´eite Planerite
Platarsite Platiniridium Platynite
Playfairite Pleonectite Pleurasite
Plinthite Plumalsite Plumangite
Plumboallophane Plumbobetafite Plumbojarosite
Plumbomicrolite Plumbopalladinite Plumbopyrochlore
Plumbotellurite Plumbotsumite Plumbozincocalcite
Poitevinite Pokrovskite Polarite
Poldervaartite Polhemusite Polianite
Polkanovite Polkovicite Pollucite
Polyakovite Polycrase-(Y) Poly-irvingite

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Last Modified: 30 April 2006
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