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Minerals - Alphabetical

Minerals - Alphabetical Listing


This list contains 4053 mineral names. It is probably not the most comprehensive list available and no guarantees are made as to its accuracy. The use of these minerals as biomaterials is generally untested.

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Georgbokiite Georgechaoite Georgeericksenite
Georgeite Gerdtremmelite Gerenite-(Y)
Germanocolusite Germarite Gersbyite
Gersdorffite-P Gersdorffite-P Gersdorffite-P
Gerstmannite Getchellite Geversite
Gianellaite Gibbsite Gibsonite
Giessenite Gigantolite Gilalite
Gilbertite Gillulyite Gilmarite
Giniite Ginzburgite (of Voloshin Giobertite
Giraudite Girdite Girnarite
Girvasite Gismondine Gismondite
Gittinsite Giuseppettite Gjerdingenite-Fe
Gladiusite Glagolevite Glauconite
Glaucophane Glaucophanerite Glaukosphaerite
Glockerite Glottalite Glucine
Glushinskite Gmelinite-Ca Gmelinite-K
Gmelinite-Na Gobbinsite Godlevskite
Godovikovite Goedkenite Goeschwitzite
Goethite Goldmanite Goldquarryite
Gonnardite Goongarrite Goosecreekite
Gordaite Gormanite Gortdrumite
Gottardiite Gottlobite Goudeyite
Gour´eite Gowerite Gr¨unlingite
Graemite Graeserite Gramaccioliite-(Y)
Grammatite Grammatit-strahlstein Granatite (of Daubenton)
Grandreefite Grantsite Grattarolaite
Graulichite Gravegliaite Grechishchevite
Gregoryite Greifensteinite Greigite
Grenatite (of Daubenton) Griceite Grimaldiite
Griqualandite Grischunite Groddeckite
Grossite Grossular Grossularite
Grothine Grumantite Grumiplucite
Grundite Grunerite Gruzdevite

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Last Modified: 30 April 2006
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