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Minerals - Alphabetical

Minerals - Alphabetical Listing


This list contains 4053 mineral names. It is probably not the most comprehensive list available and no guarantees are made as to its accuracy. The use of these minerals as biomaterials is generally untested.

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Bussenite Byelorussite Byssolite
Bystrite Cabalzarite Cabasite
Cabriite Cacoasite Cadmium
Caesium-biotite Cafarsite Cafetite
Calafatite Calamine Calamite
Calc-inobronzite Calc-inoenstatite Calc-inohypersthene
Calcioancylite Calcioancylite-Nd Calcioandyrobertsite
Calcioaravaipaite Calciobetafite Calciobiotite
Calcioburbankite Calciocelsian Calciocopiapite
Calciohilairite Calciotalc Calciotantalite
Calciotantite Calciouranoite Calciumhilgardite-
Calciumhilgardite- Calcium-larsenite Calcium-pharmacosiderite
Calcium-rinkite Calc-pigeonite Calderonite
Calkinsite Calumetite Calzirtite
Camerolaite Cameronite Camgasite
Caminite Campigliaite Canaanite
Canaphite Canasite Canasite
Canavesite Cancrisilite Cannilloite
Cannonite Caoxite Capgaronnite
Caporcianite Cappelenite-Y Caratiite
Carboborite Carbocernaite Carboirite
Carbokentbrooksite Carbonate-cyanotrichite Caresite
Carinthine Carletonite Carlfriesite
Carlhintzeite Carlinite Carlosruizite
Carlosturanite Carlsbergite Carmichaelite
Carnevallite Carpathite Carphosiderite
Carphostilbite Carraraite Carrboydite
Caryinite Caryopilite Carystine
Cascandite Cassedanneite Cassidyite
Castaingite Caswellite Caswellsilverite
Cat gold Cat silver Cataforite
Catalanoite Cataphorite Catapleiite
Cataspilite Catlinite Catophorite

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Last Modified: 30 April 2006
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