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About Us

Welcome to Biomaterials.info! We aim to be the most useful, most friendly and most exciting biomaterials website available!


  1. Share biomaterials information freely and openly
  2. Be a driving force in the development of new and innovative biomaterials
  3. To help biomaterials researchers and associated industries to achieve greater recognition
  4. To encourage open and frank discussions on all aspects of biomaterials development


This site is being developed by Glen and Mark.

Glen holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours, majoring in Chemistry. After working in environmental research for a number of years, he now works for the Victorian State Government, based in Australia. Glen has extensive experience developing and administering websites and has a strong interest in data mining and internet research.

Mark is a lecturer in Materials Engineering. He has extensive experience in the development of composities, cermamics, alloys, and more recently - metallic foams. He has a strong interest in the development of new biomaterials.


Mark and Glen can be contacted using the contact form.

Also, don't forget that you are very welcome to express your views, interests, needs and any biomaterials questions in the biomaterials forum.

Have you visited the biomaterials forum? Our community of exists because members contribute ideas, comments and questions, so please join in the discussion.

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Last updated 16 Feb 2006